Dr. William Winogron

Offering Psychological Assessments

In Ottawa, ON, Canada

Dr. William Winogron Ph.D., C. Psych.

William Winogron has had a long and distinguished career in psychology. Following his doctoral degree and a postdoctoral fellowship, he trained at the renowned Albert Ellis Institute in New York City over several years, receiving mentorship from Dr. Ellis himself. He attained Associate Fellowship status and is an Approved Supervisor of the Institute. He is also co-director of a training center in Canada, The Center for Rational and Cognitive Therapies.

Winogron began his career in forensic psychology, providing clinical therapies for individual clients, and consulting and training with related organizations. Soon, he led a team that created the national anger-management program for Correctional Service Canada. This was quickly followed by the publication of CALM, an internationally successful anger program. He then went on to create numerous staff trainings for government departments, correctional organizations and college counselling services in Canada, the USA, and the UK. By combining his work in front-line interventions, and his work in group program creation and facilitation, Winogron developed his passion and expertise in psychology-based programs for non-psychologists.

Over the last decade, Dr. Winogron has focused increasingly in group treatment programs with the military and first responders, becoming a clinical lead for both the Veterans Transition Network (Canada) and Wounded Warriors Canada. His interests in trauma intervention and prevention continue to grow through this work.

In 2015, based on demand from colleagues, Dr. Winogron created a virtual mentorship for young therapists looking to develop their skills in rational and cognitive therapy approaches – both for therapeutic and preventive applications. This became the web-based training called “RE&CBT (Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) BOOTCAMP” which begins distribution in December 2021. More recently, Winogron went on to spearhead the development of CALM 2.0, a web-based anger control program that will be available worldwide in 2022. CALM 2.0 combines proven methodologies with a novel, state-of-the-art approach to web-based training.

At the peak of Dr. Winogron’s program development career sits STRENGTH (Staff Resiliency and Growth Program). Fulfilling his lifelong desire to “democratize” psychology, making it universally available to all, he has spent four years leading a team in the development of the STRENGTH Workplace Resiliency Program. This program, better than any other that he has created, puts the best of preventive, evidence-based psychology into the hands of non-psychologists. STRENGTH was built on solid foundations — it integrates the best of the Rational Workplace Productivity Program, which he developed for the office of Auditor General of Canada, STRENGTH Corrections, which was developed for correctional workers and first responders (Multi-Health Systems, 2021), plus countless live trainings and consultations with organizations looking to protect the wellness of their staff.

Dr. Winogron continues to offer in-person trainings, and to coach and mentor staff to expertly facilitate his team’s programs.